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      I would be very grateful if some posters could give me their thoughts and opinions on the following matter.
      In 2004 my neighbour got planning for a domestic dwelling on a 10 acre site. The house was built to a fine standard.
      In a corner of the site on about a 2 acre section, a structure was built , I estimate this structure to be about 200 metres squared. This 2 acre section is secured with approx. 2m high fence around the perimeter with heavy steel gates. A hardcore road way leads up to this compound from the house. It is difficult to see the compound from the road.
      The purpose of this compound is running a Plant hire business. There are loadalls ,diggers ,dumpers and so on kept there. Also trucks to transport them.
      Local road haulage companies are now using the compound to store Artic trucks, containers overnight . A contant stream of HGV traffic is now in and out.
      What concerns me is that there is only planning permission for a house on the site . Could someone please advise me if there is anything I can do to put a stop to this.
      Do I go to the planners, Solicitor or an Taisce. I would appreciate advice as I really don’t know where to start or what to do.

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      If it is unauthorised and you complain to the Planning Authority – they are I understand obliged to investigate but not obliged to take any action.

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      Thanks for your reply. Is it better to complain myself or through legal reresentation. If I use a solicitor , are they more likely to do something about it.

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