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Apparently building these stadium yolks is quite tricky!
RTE report this morning that:

The Cork County Board has admitted that there is a problem with the new seating facilities at Páirc ui Chaoimh.

The open stand there was recently converted to an all-seater area. However, many fans are now finding they can’t fit into them, with leg-space at a premium.

One supporter, quoted in this morning’s Irish Examiner, claimed; “It’s really uncomfortbale watching the game, and it doesn’t help when the fella’s knees behind you are in you back”

The Cork County Board say they’re looking into the matter, however it is uncertain what, if any, changes can be made at this stage.

County board chairman Jim Forbes told the Irish Examiner: “We have had some complaints, yes, and we are working towards rectifying the problem as soon as possible.”

“The problem was that we were confined in that stand to the space we had, which was tight to begin with; we looked at a variety of options, and this was chosen as the most suitable.”

“We’re as conscious as everyone else of the problems that have cropped up, we’re getting expert advice on the matter, and there will be remedial work carried out there in the short term.”

Long fellahs no longer welcome even in Cork evidently! :rolleyes:

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