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This is just an extract of an e-mail I was sent by Sean Kearns, chief-architect with Murray O’Laoire, for the Water Street project.

…the application was lodged on the 28th February and it is now reduced from 304 apartments from 400. the Tower has changed location from the west side to the east side of the plaza and is 18 stories high. The buidings have been set back from the neighbouring properties and stepped back to allow for greater dalight and sunlight penetration for these properties and the development itself. There is a signicant increase in public open space and the 10 m quayside promenade is provided without cantilevered sections over.

We responded to all of the concerns raised by the planning Authority and ad(d)ressed them in turn resulting in a 25% reduction in the scheme.

This however, does not mean that they will accept it now and we are sure that they are trying to find other impediments to granting permission as we speak.

It’s that last comment that troubles me – no planner has been publicly assigned to the application yet. I believe it will probably be a toss-up between Evelyn Mitchell or Ronnie McDowell (if he decides to take on more applications again after his break from doing so). If CCC are foolish enough to botch this project up, they really should be taken outside and repeatedly trashed with a wet fish! One by one. :rolleyes:

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