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Unfortunately, I haven’t got the VIS of the revised Water Street scheme by Werdna Ltd, so I have here a press image giving a south-to-north perspective of the development across the Lee. The images here display pretty much the same as the drawings I attained a few months ago. The only difference however is the set-back of the development from the water-front by approx. 6 metres (north) and the tower has been shift east to alleviate over-shadowing concerns of Lower Glanmire Road residents. The layout is now a little more uneven – with blocks of 3 to 8/9 storeys now in the formation 1,2,3, Tower, 5 as oppose to the more balanced 1,2, Tower, 4, 5. The changes were made to ease LGR concerns. It’s a pity really because the symmetry was nice in the original – but there you have it, CCC making another cock-up and Cork being left with a less-superior project (though it’s still one of my favourite).

Compare this to the original (below)

There is less massing at the base of the tower, which gave the building a more even-handed quality look – and the tower was position to the west of the patented slipway. The revised tower looks ‘skinnier’ and seems to have less strength in its form. The dis-balance in layout is less pleasant also. A new riverside walkway replaces the much more pleasing boardwalk, which took greater advantage of the riverside, as proposed by the original.

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