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It was interesting to read in todays IT that an ESRI consultant, Edgar Morgenroth has blamed urban sprawl on not having an attractive urban environment in cities. He gose further to state that is costing the Irish economy big time in terms of hours wasted by the average two hour daily commute. He estimates that E116.42 Million is lost a year before you look at environmnetal, community or family damage.

Apparetly the GAA is worryed by large housing estates being plonked beside rural vilages. Needless to say one off housing is looked on with favour either.

So do we believe its too late ? After all we are to spread out a city sustain metros or Dart exstentions and the City Manager has all ready stated how he dos’nt want to interfere in things, and even if he did, he would be limited by the parish pump politics of county councils outside Dublin.

Bertie Ahern proposed a Greater Dublin Athority (GDA) but that was four years ago and nothing has happend since. Sorry to sound pessimestic but dose anyone believe there is a way out of this mess ?

What do the members of this site believe are the essential chages that must happen soon. šŸ™

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