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πŸ™‚ PJ Walls Ltd are on-site at Sunbeam Industrial Park – which so famously was destroyed by fire those many months ago. Robert McGrattan is developing 10 number, 2-storey light industrial units on the site to replace and hopefully restore the historic industrial park. Design is by J.E. Keating & Associates.

:confused: Although construction work had not been offically cited until later, it would seem Fleming Construction are readying the former M&P O’Sullivan Cash&Carry facility at Victoria Cross for demolition and construction of the new UCC Student Accommodation facility at the site. The development is designed by Bertie Pope & Associates. Fencing has been erected around the site. As far as I am aware, it is planned that the accommodation will be in co-ordination with the time-frame for the already progressing Phase 2 to Victoria Mills next-door, this is to minimise construction disturbances to residents and students alike in the area. I’ll get back when I know for sure what the full-story is on this.

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