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🙂 Ann O’Donovan has applied for a development of 25 apartments, a gym and 26 space basement car-park along Cotter Street – an area subject to much development of recent times, such as Howard Holding’s Copley Hall and Corbet Bros. Copley Street/Stable Lane office and residential development (which is coming along nicely).

Just with reference to the Capitol Cineplex redevelopment – it’s a sad affair that the project has instilled so little excitment. For a site that was heralded as being among the most highly anticipated redevelopment opportunities in Cork – it says little of the design or developers that the project has promoted practically no excitement at all. This was an opportunity to create something really appealing – but instead its just a boring, boxy mass. I can see straight away this project going into Further Information – and perhaps the top 3-bedroom apartment being removed by condition or revision in order to reduce the boxy roof-line. It would be nice to see the developers and architects add, at the very least, a bit of flair to the stepped back upper floors that are no more than simply squared off levels.

Frinailla’s Ladyswell decision will be available tomorrow morning. I’ll keep you posted.

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