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I just don’t understand some of the people in this city at all…

😡 The following have been brought to appeal despite all and many concessions made during CCC planning…

1. Cumnor Construction’s highly attractive Sunday’s Well development
2. Dick Walsh & Declan Kiely’s Grianbru/Dennehy’s Cross development (by CAHRA – shudder!!! People it’s 4-storeys not 40!!!! How can you say this is high-rise? Most buildings in the area are taller.)
3. The Victoria Hotel has brought Monsoon Accessorize to ABP about it’s new signage.
4. And EVEN Howard Holdings have been brought to appeal regarding the erection of the 12 metre quill sculpture for outside the Clarion Hotel!!! Are people thick??? The sculpture was presented to the people of Cork as a gift – and to add to its lacking street art. The eejit from An Taisce is objecting because he feels the quayside would be more suited to a water-scuplture given its proximity to the river! Grow up! You can pick, choose and tailor the gifts you receive. This is utterly atrocious behaviour!

I’m so tired of these small minded individuals – Cork doesn’t know a good thing when it gets it and then complains about it to everyone when its not there. If Cork shoots itself in the foot, any bets it’ll be whining to Dublin about how it never gets anything? Here is Cork trying to take care of itself and it’s being prevented from doing so by its very own people.


Doug C – thanks for that! 😉

opus – the OPW approached consulting engineers, the David Kelly Partnership in 2002 about assessing redevelopment options for Sullivans Quay before ultimately deciding to relocate full-stop. A number of options were presented to the OPW about remodelling the Sullivans Quay Government Buildings, before it became clear structural and foundation issues would be too expensive and difficult to correct. I have a file load of drawings and reports made regarding the building’s redesign but I’ll only post one (below) for the time being due to the limited space. Click on the thumbnail for a fuller image.

phil – that’s the general idea. It’s a clever and progressive idea, one badly needed for Cork city centre, and the location is unmatched! Let’s just hope the councillors get off their high horse and start getting priorities right – if they turn this beauty down, they are effectively turning down 300 jobs, untold investment and a quality addition to the docklands over a worry that the lease-term is too long. It will still be CCC property, just on an extended lease to Howard Holdings. HH will pay CCC an initial down-payment of 2m euros for the site with an annual rent thereafter of 2 euros. However, the benefits to the Cork region have vast potential.

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