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😀 Cumnor Construction Ltd have been granted permission for their apartment and commercial development near Sunday’s Well 5-days in advance of the due date.

The development originally sought to construct a 7-storey 22 unit apartment development on the old quarry site near North Mall, bounded by Winter’s Hill and Sunday’s Well Road. I wasn’t too favourable on the original – but revised plans reduced the development by 2-apartments in the original new build and relocated them by refurbishing and redeveloping the existing buildings on-site fronting Sunday’s Well Road, thus allowing for a reduction in height to 6-storeys. In addition, after initial property rights confusion, Cumnor will also redevelop an area east of the new-build development for a public recreation and amenity area – providing a pleasant nicely added ‘green’ feature. The project was designed by Jack Coughlan and Associates – one of the firm’s better recent projects w/ extensive timber-decking, communal facilities and water features to boot! Development and construction will be by Cumnor Construction subject to appeal.

@Pug wrote:

Lex, this is why I was asking were Murnanes doing a business park up by the airport, I believe they have applied for an Airport Logistic Business Park with office, warehousing, commercial units at Farmers Cross

I think I misread your original question – for you see, Murnane & O’Shea Ltd are planning a ‘Cork Airport Business Park’ style facility for Bantry, perhaps this is where I got lost. But yes, they have have also sought Outline Planning Permission for Development of an Airport Logistic Business Park comprising of office, warehousing, commercial units and logistical support units associated with the operation and future expansion of airport and conversion of dwellinghouse to office use and 2 no. new vehicular entrances. Project Architects new Cork office is handling the design and PM.

@Pug wrote:

is there pictures available of the design? I know the pictures of the previous office that was to be on Lavitts Quay were on this website but is it radically changed from that?

I do have images from the small VIS by RORSA, also submitted in their planning application, but I need a special file translator to cater to for the file format – I won’t have one until late next week I’m afraid. Its on order. But when I do and if I do, I’ll of course try to post the image online. The design differs indeed from the TCH office building. It rises 7-storeys (which is quite acceptable given the pattern of development along Lavitts Quay), No.16 is being retained and incoporated into the hotel (as a cafe). Similarly to the original TCH proposal, Lavitts Quay frontage is found in a 3-storey build at No.17 and 18 Lavitts Quay (w/ entrance to the basement car-park from here also). R. Arthur’s building at No.15 is unfortunately still not incorporated. The main building is set back and is a sort of L-Shaped zig-zag reflect the nature of the site. The northern-most Lavitts Quay elevation of the main building has a total of 20 square and featureless windows, a white wall continues to a protruding square teak-box home to 12 of the windows, it cuts off at the 6th floor where a continued boxy white wall squares off to the roof. The retracted northern elevation of the main building is nothing more than a bland, featureless 7-storey white wall that dominates the quayside approaching east-to-west along the northern quays – it is quite frankly horrid and seems a white continuation of the northern Opear House wall before its revamp. Yes there are 8 box windows at this elevation, which remind one of the horrid boxy windoes protruding from the north-eastern corner of Northgate House at the North Gate Bridge, but the expanse and extent of the bland wall nature along this elevation is powerfully dominating and highly distasteful. Geoff Butler of Reddy O’Riordan Staehli is chief architect on the project. It is hoped that the project will not be refused because of its design, but will instead be offered the condition to revised its design aspects to increase the quality of its aesthetics – something cater for by CCC with John Mannix’s Washington Street project and Rockfell’s Cornmarket Street project (although they initiated much of this on their own).

@Leesider wrote:

was just wondering about the Kino, has that actually received that many objections?? Personally I thought it would clean up that area alot!

No objections were raised against the Kino Redevelopment – it’s a wonderful development and will contribute very positively to the Washington Street street-scape. The project’s planning application decision was pushed back dramatically until April 2005 – reasons unknown. It is sincerely hoped that it gets the all-clear. Dennehy + Dennehy are the design team. Visit -> go to ‘Community’ section, the Kino design is the 3rd icon, click on it and wait for it too load.

Frinailla’s Ladyswell project along the Watercourse Road is currently in Further Information at the moment. Its a highly positive and substantial development – but of course, as always, Kathleen Lynch (Labour) et al are throwing objections up like a bat on laxatives. Purely political of course.

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