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:confused: I’ve been following up the news that Scotts Bar (owned by Paul Montgomery of Reardens & Victoria Mills and Edmund Keneally of Scotts & Victoria Mills) of Caroline and Oliver Plunkett Street was sold to neighbouring Brown Thomas – and though nothing is clear yet (Scotts MD still references Paul and Edmund as proprietors) – there are reports that this is not entirely accurate. It may all be urban legend.

šŸ˜® After reviewing Riga Limited (O’Callaghan Properties)’s revised proposals for Jurys Hotel on Lancaster Quay (decision due 16th December 2004) – it still seems to me that the apartment buildings most objectors were getting hot and heavy about are by far the least disruptive or aesthetically displeasing elements of the project. They display more merit than say the hotel element – which to me seems pretty bland by comparison. After assessing the V.I.S. repeatedly, considering aspects from Blarney Street, Sunday’s Well and so on – St. Fin Barre’s Cathedral is still well visible – w/ little to no blockage of the view-path. From Lancaster Quay/Western Road elevation, the hotel block is pretty dominating, but under the new revisions (w/ reduced level blocks to the rear of the development) – a new space has been created offering considerably better aspects of St Fin Barre’s. It’s a tough call on trying to predict a decision – the project offers a much needed redevelopment aspect. The apartment elements seem up to scratch in terms of design and aesthetics. The boardwalk adds well to the development. However the Jury’s Hotel element is only so-so ~ but undoubtedly will find favour w/ planners due to its usage nature. I’ll provide a better forecast come nearer to the decision date.

– on a semi-related note; John Mannix’s development for Washington Street – decision due 20th December 2004 – is set, I am very cautiously told by a CCC employee – to receive permission subject to a number of conditions and in light of the revisions made. šŸ˜‰

šŸ™ Frank Sheahan, of F&V Sheahan Auctioneers – and developer of 135 apartments at Hewitt Mills (Blackpool By-Pass) and 15-Student Residencies at Lynch’s Street (near Washington Street West) – has applied to amend his over-scheduled Lynch Street project (Lancaster Hall) in changing ground-floor usage from night-club and late-night bar to commercial usage including medical/financial/IT etc. The underground parking element will be adjusted to cater for this. Designed by Jack Coughlan & Assoc. Constructed by PJ Hegarty & Sons – all I can say is ‘YAWN!’

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