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It would seem there’s trouble regarding O’Flynn Construction’s Eglinton Street project – and it’s related to objections. Despite the fact the closing date for submissions was a few weeks ago – CCC have accepted 3 objections to the development while the project is in Further Information. CCC claim they requested Further Info before the closing date – they requested an EIS – and due to this, decided the show a little slack to objectors – although they now claim they are not accepting anymore. During that same period, CCC refused to accept positive observations. After a discussion I had over the phone with a certain director of O’Flynn Construction today, it would seem the developers were led to believe that the objections would not be validated. However, the objections have indeed been made valid. Can anyone else see here a problem?

I’ll be talking with O’Flynn Construction again later on and w/ CCC so I’ll keep you posted on what goes on – this scenario is of concern to me as it should the wider development community as it shows a distinct and unfair bias in the planning process which could be detrimental to future development projects in Cork city, this can’t go on.

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