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There has been plenty of discussion regarding the merits and demerits of those new glass ‘coffeepods’ on Grand Parade. Seems we’ve lost the battle on these long ago.

Anyway, Coffee Station (with another outlet at Western Road) have opened in the pod adjacent to the City Library. Fit out is underway in the Bishop Lucey Park coffeepod for (I believe) another well known coffee outlet.

Passing the City Library recently I noticed that (a) the coffee station has a big ugly green generator out the back (i.e. on Grand Parade). I would have presumed that these would all be linked up to mains electricity by now? If not, why not?

Also, the once very, very, very mildly elegant pod is now summited by an upright air-conditioning unit slapped on the roof.Hideous!

Seriously, this sort of gross stupidity just makes me want to cry! Surely proper, integrated air-con and connection to the national grid would be the first thing the landlord would deal with. But, of course, we all know who the landlord is in this case:eek:

I hope that both the generator and air-con unit are very temporary and that this is certainly NOT carried on in front of the Cornmarket gates and the English Market facade further up the street.

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