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Paul Clerkin

Sure they don’t want your membership if you do not subscribe to its objectives

“Oughterard-based auctioneer Mr Frank Conroy was one of those whose membership was rejected. “My motives in joining were purely so that I might have an opportunity from within to influence An Taisce into adopting a more sensible attitude towards rural planning,” he said.

Rejecting suggestions that he had links with a named property developer, Mr Conroy said he ran an independent practice. “I could have been a good and active member of An Taisce,” Mr Conroy said. “As a supposedly democratic organisation it should have been able to accommodate me.”

However, Mr Lumley has made it clear the organisation does not accept as members people who do not subscribe to its objectives. “We are very busy. We cannot allow our work to be obstructed by those with vested interests.””

so if you do not agree 100 percent with them, there is no point in joining….

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