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Diarmuid Gavin is an absolute inspiration. I have never really embraced gardening (although i do have an unhealthy obsession with flowers) but I found myself glued to the documentary about his Chelsea flower show garden. The garden for Chelsea this year is nothing short of amazing, as I said my fingers don’t even have a hint of green but Diarmuid’s gardens always cross all the boundaries. They are sculpture, they are architecture, they are fantastic examples of design………..they are just art. Absolutely phenomenal. I am a photography student and I would love to just follow him around because the spaces he creates would just effortlessly melt onto film. There really isn’t anything like Diarmuids work available to the public, so my long-winded answer is yes! For goodness sake someone pay him to create something that people can see every day!!!!!! My only extra comment to that is that I think his work shouldn’t just be in business districts of cities it should really be where absolutely everyone could see his work because I think, unlike most things, his work would appeal to everyone. I am also always impressed by how interactive Diarmuid’s gardens are and I think this would be a fabulous factor for a community piece. What about a garden that children could play on, or the homeless could shelter within….. ? anyway I would write ( mmm…beg) my council if there were any hope of getting him to Plymouth!

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