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An unusual sight struck me today as I head toward the western Cork suburbs. The sun was setting, but its rays were still beaming through the broken cloud – just like those pretty Summer days we all long for during the Winter. Looking up to that old reliable sight, Cork County Hall, I noticed something different – as part of the tower’s redevelopment, it is being refitted with a glass outer-shell of heat responsive tilting-windows. When the temperature is too hot, the panels open and allow cool air circulated throughout the building. Too cold? The panels shut and allow trapped air gradually heat – with the proper ventilation of course.

For the first time in living memory, the sunset was shining through County Hall undisturbed. Gaps in the building, as existing windows have been removed, allow a free space east-to-west of open air.

If anyone gets an image of this odd sight – post it up! 🙂

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