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So the Abbey Theatre is to be rebuilt. E100 million is to be spend on it’s reconstruction which will be up to 11 storeys high. (I can see the objections already, the Green Party are no doubt preparing a dossier.)
Let’s hope they get a big international name in to do the job; Norman Foster, Frank Ghery, Daniel Leibeskind or whoever….but I hope they just don’t settle for Scott Tallon Walker & Co.
Was’nt that 60’s featureless pile really atrocious by Scott and his associates…..the portico that was added in the 80’s however gave it some redemption, but I’m glad to see it go. Hopefully the new design will address the street better and will lead to the rejuvenation of this part of the city which is filled with nothing but tawdry looking establishments and winos. A few good auld pubs in the area however.

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