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George Schrader

I have been for decades privately considering the design and visional accomplishment of a sustainable community. That interest has led to the discovery of a little known transportation design called integrated transport. A unique concept of accomplishing transport using a system of elevated guideways, while employing electric motors, which on individually demand, will automatedly transport anything one would care to attach to them.

The conceptual design derived in the mid 70’s appears to be firmly grounded in the practical application of known structural and technological applications. The capability of accomplishment is known and its costs and benefits can be reasonably figured. In my own attempt to establish the values which may be at work in investment and revenues. Surprisingly suggest, that an implementation can be readily recognized by investors as being lucratively profitable. And it is this promise of being lucratively profitable which leaves me to believe that an implementation can then be accomplished.

Yet there seems to be no awareness that such an opportunity for a great and positive change even exists.
In a long and studied survey. An implementation suggest the ability to incrementally revolutionize our human abilities in our pursuits of social, economic, environmental and ecological well-beings. Producing a prolonged and extended period of unprecedented increased wellbeing.

I personally have absolutely no doubt about our long past ability to construct elevated beams and to reliably move “individual” items with electric motors. What I do doubt is our societies understanding of what it would mean to accomplish “automated transport” in such an unprecedented efficiency, speed, economy, safety, ease of use and convenience. Although it is useless, I do possess a lengthy technological report which shows this precise ability in 1950’s applications. I can only reason that an implementation has not be accomplished out of the political objections who are concerned with maintaining the reliability of investments and markets which are currently in place. All things of course who will be eventually impacted by such a large change. Though I believe a misconception exists. As an implementation period would be incremental and terribly lengthy lasting at least several decades. Long beyond the investment lifespans of today’s processes. There seem to be not one but a large number of numerous exponentially increased abilities.

And then. Its not just a new transport system whose near lack of energy and resource consumptions will leave transports cost only relative to that profitable provision of a network of permanent 100 year structure. But we will also have achieved a interconnected network of structure whose controlled environment can be made available for the new use of those remaining distribution infrastructures. 😀 I am intrigued to think of what other technological applications can be applied to these other infrastructures when integrated into this closed structured environment.

Would we still lose a percentage to electric transmission losses?
I think humanity is and has been standing at the edge of taking a evolutionary step in the management of its infrstructural processes. That there is a long awaited infrstructural revolution that only needed tro be recognized and acted on for all the neormous well-being it will bring.

I am reasonably certain that public funding is a impossibility. However considering the lucrative profit. I would like to believe that a private implementation is possible.

It would seem that a community could be designed around an implementation. Such a community would possess unprecedented social and economic freedoms and increased abilities. The cost of the systems implementation is lucrative being very comparable to normal infrastructure cost. The concept merley reorganizes the material into a vastly more efficient form which takes the fullest advantage of current technological abilities.. The creation of a new community on rural property could easily be supported by the exponentially increased land values.

Is this kind of development a practical thought. Or am I just deluding myself into believing there is hope for the great change needed. :confused:

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