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Recently visited the village of Stepaside in South County Dublin. This area is subject to massive surrounding developments at the moment, which is very unsympathetic to this once charming locality.

On an existing theme though I want to raise the ugly spectre of windows in this thread;

To my dismay, the owners of The Step Inn pub / restaurant have recently replaced (since i was last there approx 1 year ago) the traditional timber sash windows on the first floor with very nasty white uPVC ones that have the upper half opening-out! Totally out of character for a historic landmark building like this. They’ve even left the original ground floor windows in situ as a poignant reminder of what proper windows should look like.

The Step Inn has changed ownership several times over the past 6 / 7 years and unfortunately, the new owners don’t seem to care much for the building’s housekeeping or appearance. It was once quite a pretty and well-maintained ‘coaching-inn’ style property. Now, with uneven paintwork and gaudy commercial signage and yes, PVC windows to boot and this formerly attractive pub is apparently being run according to the lowest cost, highest profit model.

I think historic building owners/custodians should not be allowed to replace windows and other elements with such cheap-looking, nasty fixtures.

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