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hey all

I had a good gawk at it close up today, on my lunch break. It was possible to see it swaying in the heavier breezes. No surpirse there.

But again, I have to say that the finish of the steel, in daylight at least, is a big disappointment. There are noticeable score marks on section two. i dont mind the ribbing as its not visible from a distance, they are horizontal and evenly spaced. But some of these other marks and dull patches are visible from 100 metres away or more. Some are vertical and crooked too. It looks ‘weathered’ and could pass for an object that has been there for years.

Of course, these marks (Im hoping) might just be from the packaging material and may be wiped off at the end.

I think its going to look quite magical with blue skies or at dusk/dawn when its still lighting. The design around the base (marble and flowing mercury) sounds exciting too.

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