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Revamped Smithfield ‘becoming ghost town’ after businesses shut
Colin O’Riordan/ Evening Herald

Smithfield is in danger of becoming a “ghost town” due to the number of businesses closing down, a councillor has warned.

Last year, the much acclaimed Lighthouse Cinema opened its doors in the area. A science museum and a bookies also opened up, while the Motor Tax office relocated there.

Thomas Read closed its doors in the area as its parent group, which owns a chain of pubs and restaurants throughout the city, struggles to survive.

A new Spar supermarket recently shut down, just four weeks after it opened. Another convenience store has also shut its doors. However, the Fresh supermarket still appears to be thriving in the area.

Last week, a case came to the Commercial Court concerning a legal action for re-possession of a €10m property in the area, following allegations of non-payment of rent.

The sub-tenants of the company being sued — Redquartz Smithfield Ltd — are the Lighthouse Cinema and Fresh supermarket,

Cllr Burke said the Smithfield Horse Market was hurting the area, but there was little that Dublin City Council could do about it, thanks to ancient city laws.

Councillors, the DSPCA and a number of parties have hit out at the market.
“Dublin City Council’s hands are tied in relation to this, due to an ancient law,” Cllr Burke said.

“We need the support of the Government — a change of legislation is required.”

what science museum,have the horse sellers been offered other areas?

even with more apartments and shopfronts to the square its still a ghosttown?

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