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“Let’s hope they get a big international name in to do the job; Norman Foster, Frank Ghery, Daniel Leibeskind or whoever….but I hope they just don’t settle for Scott Tallon Walker & Co. “

This thread should read “Save the City”, and perhaps we might avoid the disasterous move to elect to chose an architect via reputation rather than the response. This is why architectural competition is so important. Instead of inflated egotistic creations we might actually recieve quality architecture and perhaps surprising architecture. How will be engender an architectural culture here if we automaticaly believe that only an international signature architect will do.

Similarily limited competitions are equally problematic since it tends towards the same problem indicated above, slightly wider pool.

Obviously this does not mitigate against the problems of a poor or uninformed jury.

The reason i raise the probelm of the thread title relates to the possibility of retainign the existing site.

Both the choice of an architectural response as well as site should be thought of in relation to the city as a whole. Where should the abbey be and how it relates to the matrix of urban spaces around it is vitally important. The axis along the liffey where a series of cultural artifacts are linked is perhaps the best solution for the whole city, but to decide upon the issue soley from a property perspective will be damaging ot the potential of the national theatre.

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