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🙁 On an inspection today of both John Mannix’s 7-storey retail/office and residential development for 41-44 Washington Street (designed by Dermot Coveney of Coveney & Assoc.) I have to say, it is certainly curious. The design is initially unappealling. It resembles close to nothing on the street with a blend of dark, steely green, red, blue and white colourings. A huge 3 storey, rectangular bay window graces the highly prominent corner, from street level up, and the 5th and 6th floors are stepped back. Although I must say, the more one looks at the design, the more it grows on you. It has an arrogant beauty about it and is unashamedly loud. With the exception of the boxy roof (distasteful), one starts to think, this could be what Cork – and more notably, Washington Street, needs, a loud and proud design. In context, the corner bay windows would light up the street and give it a modern edge, but I really wish something would be done to amend the roof.

By contrast, where the previous Rockfell proposal for Cornmarket Street had a sense of class and post-modern, symmetrical grace to it (designed by Frank Ennis & Assoc), the current proposal (though 6 storeys, is not short off the prev. proposal height of 9-storeys), the new proposal is a modern monstrosity of epic proportions, it is also, oddly, designed by Niall Coffey of Frank Ennis & Assoc. It is strange to think how such a monster could come from the same house as the previous classic. Though I support the development, Cork is truly getting a lesser option in comparison to the original. It is essentially a left-over and I rue the day ABP refused the original proposal. It is a true shame in the context of what is to come.

Meanwhile, O’Callaghan Properties lodged their application (under the name Riga Ltd) for planning on the site of the Jurys Hotel along the Western Road. A correction to media reports, the apartment element ranges between 6 – 9 storeys high. And there will be 303 apartments and a 182 bedroom hotel. At least this 9-storey apartment building has an element of design to it, versus Victoria Hall. For design of the 160m euro project, see previous post.

Finally, for those who requested images of the Grand Parade Plaza, retail and residential development by Frinailla. Here are 2. The first is the Grand Parade elevation, the second is the prespective from South Main Street. Design is by Richard Rainey & Assoc. Contractors are John Paul Construction.

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