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With regards the re-zoning in Monaghan it is most interesting to witness the strange “dance” of the locally elected counciler. The local Counciller is an unusual breed and one must learn to read in intricate detail the various moves, turns, and swings that they go through during the 6 year cycle of county and draft devlopment plans particularly on the re-zoning of lands. (note that similar moves are to be witnessed during times of local election). It will be interesting to see whether the local concerned voices from around the villages will be heard and listened to, (The concerned local voices around the Hospital issue certainly have not and are not being listned to) Those in Iniskeen are very understandably concerned that the re-zoning of lands around their village could result in the construction of over a thousand new houses. Again look out for the various moves and particular silent voices of some of the councilers on this issue. As we know the re-zoning of land in Ireland has an interesting recent history. Interesting times in Monaghan indeed.

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