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We are under the same sort of “sentence” that has been imposed by local councilors on so many other parts of the country. How can they justify their unexplained favoritism to rezoning lands against the wishes of the planners and local community. We are from the small village of Puckane in North west County Tipperary on the shores of Lough Derg (8km from Nenagh ) and the recent Western Area Local Area Plan subservient to our County development Plan ( with the appropriate Acronym WALAP ) has rezoned our village for up to a 594% increase in settlements. This despite a 14.5% increase from 1996-2002.
We have been fighting this without answer from our local councli who have ignored their own planners and County Manager in hie final report on submissions last year.
If you would like to see more about us our website can be found at
We recently published an open letter to our seven councillors as it surmises our plight and portrays our frustration with the whole process
Letter available at
Any opinions on this would be greatly appreciated. I do not mean to hog the Monaghan thread and my understanding is with them on this as similar unexplained rezoning decisions have been bulldozed through in far too many parts of the country, unfortunately without consequence to the councillors involved.
The whole process is seriously flawed and needs review.

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