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@gunter wrote:

Here’s another photograph of the east end of High Street in 1963 with, if I’m not mistaken, ctesiphon’s dad on his bike off to buy icecream for the chizzlers in the local shop.

Close! It’s actually Uncle George. Very similar looking, ’tis true, but my dad always rode a single speed, whereas George was a fan of the three-speed- ‘A power for the hills,’ he’d say.

PS Great photos. I’ve only ever seen the ‘After’ pics in The Destruction of Dublin, which give the feeling of expansive openness without the sense of the enclosure that was lost.

Reminds me of the Ivor Cutler poem (possibly not quoted accurately- I’m doing it from memory, but it’s close):

He laughed in a manner I can only describe by showing you a picture of my thumb before it was broken.

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