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@gunter wrote:

High Street c. 1975.

Thanks for these pictures gunter. Fine Wide Streets Commissioners terrace. The existence today of Murphy’s Prams on the same building line shows that there was no need to demolish it at all.

We know that the terrace was built in the early 19th century because there’s a map dated 1817 published in McCullough’s An Urban History showing the Commissioners’ ‘hitlist’ in the Christchurch & St. Patrick’s area, and a straggly group of buildings in this location are included.

Murphy’s Prams got permission in 2005 for demolition and new 4-storey glazed building – Search%20Criteria%20>%20Ref. 1697/05. Elevations in ‘View Documents’. No sign of anything happening.

@gunter wrote:

this Paddy Healy photograph of the same houses from the top of Nicholas Street showing no. 3 High Street

Paddy Healy was taking pictures of crucial streets at a crucial time. Some of the most interesting photos in Pearson’s The Heart of Dublin are his. His photos of Winetavern Street, Bridge Street, the south quays and High Street show a whole city that’s simply gone …

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