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I supose your right, the classical has always featured in different architectural styles. But these houses seem to have none of the proportion, I mean they are large but there probably made up of 20 smaller rooms rather than say 4 big spaces. Every one living in the house probably has there own seperate bedroom and bathroom.
I dont know I’m just trying to understand the phenomenom, What drives people to want one of these houses. I mean these mcmansions are a fairly recent thing,ok they display a persons wealth but why cant the people who build them see that they are not aesthetic in any way, that they are wastefull and silly looking. (then again maybe in 20 years I’ll have a sentimental view towards them!!) Is it a lack of education?? Visual education??Or lack of common sense??I really want to know why??
Do you think these buildings will eventually be turned into apartments, I mean they are surely big enough to house 2 or 3 familys.

I supose some of the responsibility does lie with architects, I mean they shouldn’t just design to the whims of their clients, who want big birthday cake houses!!

oh ya and the pattern book of today would be those books of ready drawn plans full of dormer bungalows that you can buy, ready planed house ready to be plonked onto a site.

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