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I think Frank McDonald coined the term ‘Pallazi Gombeeni’ (he could probably spell it as well?)

I know it’s pejorative – but I consider it apt.

The classical style from the 18/19th Century at least has the advantage of a fairly consistent pattern book – an agreed standard of ‘taste’. And now we have come to admire that style in general terms, both in the big and small houses of the period.

The problem today is that there is no such pattern book. The classical big houses are being bought and enlarged to cater for swimming pools and 7 car garages (I think 7 is the current mark ?), whereas those who only have 1 or 3 million build the multi-windowed/pillared Pallatzi (pool room essential).

We are unfortunate that we have no substantial vernacular to adapt and because we (and our political representatives) have an inherent knee jerk reaction to being told what is (and is not) tasteful.

I blame architects meself.

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