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@publicrealm wrote:

In fairness whoever developed them may have thought he was designing something different – varied roof heights, set backs and ‘different’ windows.

At least its not like the rest of the tickytacky detritus that passes for architecture – and the exterior finish looks better than standard?.

Sadly however, it doesn’t work in my view – the windows look as if they were a job lot and the houses built around them – and not a single tree or shrub?

I would be interested to read a design rationale from the architect (or designer). Are you out there – hellooo…

I doubt very much that anyone will want to “own” this particular contribution to beautiful living. As they are, all crammed up on each other, they are probably likely to be destined for use as auxiliary accomodation for migrants, refugees and those seeking political asylum.

As for trees, where could you possibly put them? There is not enough space between the houses to sow grass seed let alone plant traees.

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