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Here is another photograph of the Ard an Bhaile development at Buttevant, Co. Cork,

These, BTW, are the fronts of the houses and not teh backs.

The wide lense, however, gives an impression of greater open space than there actually is. The whole development is very crammed – clearly the idea was to get as much onto the site as was physically possible- and it is difficult to avoid the impression that it is transplanted suburbia’s transposition of the battery range for pounltry.

I do not know what modification have been made to the infrastructure in the Buttevant area to accomodate another couple of hunmdred houses. The main Limerick/Cork road around the town is a disaster to begin with; and I would be too sure that the water annd sewerage facilities are entirely up to it either; schools etc.?

Another example fo the disaster brought to small towns by large-scale developments if Rathcormack, Co. Cork.

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