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Don’t know the overall development in Buttevant, Co. Cork but looking at the house photos it is clear that there was an intent to reflect the rural vernacular in the house designs. It’s not all that successful; the insistance on using the traditional small window types while scaling up the overall dwelling ignores the inherent proportion that was present in the standard irish cottage. Development pressures have lead to a deep plan now being the accepted layout for these type of houses and i’ve yet to see a development that has resolved the fact that the narrow plan was a set feature in the rural vernacular – to simply scale this up leads to a vastly over scaled and out of proportion building. The issue of adding 100+ dwellings to an existing village structure is a difficult one, blame the planners who allow it? blame the developers who propose it? blame the people who wan’t to live in ‘a village’ and create the massive demand? The fact is that our new vernacular is sprawling semi-d’s.

By the way, i’m amazed at the adverse reaction to these houses in Buttevant. It may be poor enough but at least it’s an attempt. It isn’t a look-a-like development seen on the edge of every town and village in the country. I’ve not seen any thing like it before anyway. If you want to see some shite heres’ some………..

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