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What really makes you smile is the fantastic array of 1940s fireplaces on display; some modest bedroom models, and others more elaborate in reception rooms.

A nice little bedroom one here:

And the same model with an inverse colour scheme:

More elaborate decoration here:

A wonderful glossy-tiled Art Deco inspired surround:

And what seems to be a magnificent Bell fireplace, who were based in Glasnevin. They still seem to be there today on Botanic Road. What a fine piece – the design and tiles used match precisely the late 1940s date of these buildings.

Unfortunately it seems none of these fire surrounds are being salvaged, not even the finer ones, as the floors have already been knocked 🙁

It seems the floors in the original Georgian sections as pictured below have timber joist floors and ceilings while the wholly 1940s-50s sections at either end appear to be of cast concrete panel construction. Not 100 percent sure as I didn’t have time to check properly:

Back outside and the 1940s doorcases are being numbered 🙁

As yet there is no numbering on the 18th century doorcases.

Just looking at an aerial view of the area, it is interesting note how this whole part of the city was earmarked for social housing, built up over the course of thirty years in a range of architectural styles, no doubt replacing many a tenement not least on York Street itself.

How depressing that Mercer House and York Street, built during the depths of economic stagnation and some of the worst times this country has experienced, still stand as the highest architectural achievement in the midst of everything else that has been built in this area in the intervening sixty years.

And York Street is the first to be demolished.

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