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They’re moving in 🙁

Hardly the Fitzwilliam Street of the 21st century, but a sad event nonetheless.
Apologies for the woeful quality of these images. Didn’t have much time, but mainly because for whatever strange reason, rather appropriately, it was the darkest the street has ever been, in spite of it being broad daylight. Quite extraordinarily dar, and almost completely washed of colour.

Many of the interiors have already been gutted:

…revealing a fascinating tapestry of many people’s lives…

…and some remarkably bad taste in wallpaper 😮

As suspected, lightwells do indeed penetrate the heart of the terrace – here you can see one complete with cast iron soil pipe:

Aerial imagery reveals the same much better – a fascinating hangover from the Victorians in the heath and sanitation obsessed 1930s and 40s:

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