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@J Lobb wrote:

Actually, I saw the worst building in Dublin yesterday on North King Street – a new apartment building opposite the Four Seasons pub.

This really has to be seen to be believed – check it out. Please.

Is that the red brick pile of crap with an unusual shop called “centra” at ground floor? Remarkably bad – look at the size of the windows; ive been wondering what their like inside.

Unfortunately the developments in that area in recent years have been soo second rate; look at the gray brick pile on Nth King St, opposite the centra – awful 60s appearance; horizontally emphasised windows the brick colour varies. And of course theres the Henrietta Hulk….

When the redevelopment got going here in the 90s, Why oh why did they bother sticking to the original street plan? In hindsight it seems that it would have been much better to link Parnell St straight onto Nth King St 😮

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