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Technical Guidance Document K
Stairways, Ladders, Ramps and Guards.

Restrictors are not mentioned, but it is a reasonable position to adopt that
thay provide the same function as guarding to a low-cill window as
described in Section 2.
So they should be used where:

2.4 Guarding should be provided for any
window, the sill of which is more than 1400 mm
above external ground level and is less than 800 mm
in height above internal floor level. Where a window
is capable of being opened, special care must be
taken to ensure that the guarding must remain in
place and effective at all times (see Diagram 6).

2.6 Unless the building is unlikely to be used by
children under five years old, guarding should be so
constructed that a 100 mm diameter sphere cannot
pass through any openings in the guarding and that it
will not be readily climbable .

The Part B reference to restrictors (being only guidance) is intended to ensure ‘no gaps’ are left between Fire Safety requirements and Child Safety.

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