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@FIN wrote:

i would be interested if you find out anything as will i presuma a lot of people here. can you post any information you find out please?

Well the software i need is a CFD package (Computational Fluid Dynamics ). There are quite a few about, but the ones i have shortlisted are : Ansys CFX, Cosmosfloworks (addon for solidworks), EXA Powerflow, Fluent, Fluent Flowizard, and CFD Cadalyzer.

The fluent and powerflow programs look to be the best of the bunch imo. Im trying my hardest to obtain a copy of either of them, and if not i will try get access to the University of Nottingham facilities as they use Fluent for some of their courses… and also have a wind tunnel.
I have got a copy of Ansys CFX, but have yet to use it. I will start into that next week and see how it goes. It looks a complicated program and i reckon it will take a couple of weeks to get to grips with… but hopefully it will be worth it.

Anyway, whenever i get stuck into this i’ll post my findings. Meanwhile i got an exam next week, which i need to study for.

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