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Sue- “…only mythical associations.” Substitute the word ‘cultural’ (or ‘social’) for ‘mythical’ and your case begins to look very shaky. Less tangible qualities are no less valuable.
You would rank Archer’s or Wiggins Teape above Tara? Or architecturally important buildings above cultural landscapes?
Without over-rehearsing the Tara arguments here (sigh), a train line would bring relief to thousands of people in Meath, as would jobs in Meath, as would adherence to the NSS, as would…
“The M3- A failure of the imagination.” (TM)

Hutton- before I upbraid you too I shall ask, are your comments about building/destroying sarcastic? Please tell me it is so.

Archer’s- sadly missed and rightly replaced.
WT- sadly missed.

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