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the nice part of the plan, though not implimented yet, is that, since the tunnel replaces existing motorway, the old roads are to be turned into avenues with linear parts along the middle and one or two lanes for local traffic at the edge. place really needed it, even after the big dig, it is such a car city, lots of vistas you’d expect to be nice are just autoscapes with cars wizzing at different levels in different directions.

there is some analogy with our situations, we have our port in the middle of town, they have their airport there, connect by tunnels, some of which now link to the big dig tunnels. the really fun fact for us is that, though the airport is really close and though they had the first subway in north america, the airport isn’t attached to the rail network, they have something called the silver line marked on maps to look a bit like part of the t, but its actually a qbc.

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