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Lads the boston ‘big dig’ is 5.6km long & cost 14.6 billion dollars, the most expensive road project ever in the US, taking 13+ years to construct.

ah but sure delays & over runs only happen in Ireland.

The port tunnel has been reasonably well executed, delays are inevitable with projects of this scale.

Half of the stuff in the indo article is complete bull shit & its about the 3rd time they’ve done it with regard to the port tunnel. How they continually get away with publishing straight up lies, i don’t know.

And they do it all the time, it is such a shit paper. Couple of weeks back they published a story, with usual large sensationalist headline stating that the dublin cork motorway would be delayed by 5 years, so on i went to read the article, which contradicted the headline, stating the exact time line for completion of each section, all of which are on schedule to be finished in late 2010. Bit of an agenda there i think.

Construction of continuous motorway / dual carriage way from dublin to the main cities is underway, all scheduled to be finished by end of 2010, will have to wait and see on that one.

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