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@DJM wrote:

Surely this isn’t the case. :confused: They relocated an entire motorway network from overground to underground with the Big Dig in Boston. Bearing in mind that they had to work around/beneath a metro system,

did you forget that the port tunnel passes directly underneath the dublin the belfast line. as a result a completely seperate tunnel had to be designed for this small section ?
@DJM wrote:

an ancient sewage network, and that they penetrated the river / sea flood defence system in the process.

our tunnel was lower to pacify the locals and so runs under the water table !
@DJM wrote:

Without having any figures to hand, the Port Tunnel from my understanding, can’t be anywhere vaguely close to that scale of infrastructural project. Not in terms of disruption to a city or locality (the Big Dig was, for the most part, quite successful at keeping this to a minimum) Nor in terms of cost.???

the tunnels are not as long ,yes but they are subtantially bigger. and incidenttally the big dig recently caved in ,killing one motorist . so i think it is a case of skimping rather that keeping to budget!

finnally there is a tunnel website (i don’t know how accurate it is ) that ranks the port tunnel as the ninteenth longest road tunnel in the world

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