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Look at the M50 and the N7. Primary routes into/around Dublin city and nobody thought to have extra lanes for a country/city experiencing huge growth ??? How long ago was the M50 “completed”?The fact that “super” trucks can’t use the tunnel is also a complete disgrace!

Have ye travelled the main roads from Cork – Limerick – Galway recently. I do regularly and in some parts you are lucky if there are two lanes never mind a slow lane. And this between the 2nd/3rd and 4th largest towns in what we are told is one of the richest countries in Europe.
To get a train from Cork or Limerick to Galway you have to go do Dublin first and then get a train to Galway.

with regard to the super trucks this is simply not an issue. the tunnel in cork is the same height as the one in dublin and one being built in limerick is the same height again (a standard , which incidently the rest of europe uses to). There is a low bridge at port loias on the motorway , and there are hundreds acrross the country whereever you see a railwayline. Second you were complaining about cost and delays . well for every metre (3feet) you add in height you add more and more in volume, a rough calculation trying to add an extra metre clearance would have meant digging an extra 44% , so nearly half again. Do you think these 100 odd trucks are worth 350 million ?

you are right to be annoyed about the motorway network . yes it is indeed silly that all the main routes in the country lead into one single road, which also has to cater for commuter. And yes a better approach would have been to follow germany’s approach 1 motorway from galway to cork , 1 motorway from belfast to waterford/wexford, 1 motorway starting halfway between limerick and cork heading straight acrross the country just skirting the south of wicklow. and one motorway starting halfway in between galway and sligo and heading straight across the country before arriving at the M1 about 20/30 miles from dublin.

But you voted for fianna fail , and that means every town and village has to get it’s piece of pork. so what did you expect ? ??

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