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The amount overspent on the Luas alone would have probably paid for the re-opening of the Western Rail corridor or most of it. It would have easily paid for a spur line to Shannon Airport for the Ennis-Limerick rail line which would be a huge boost to that region. And the Luas still has problems.
I cannot accept that money is not being wasted by poor management of large projects on the east coast. Look at the M50 and the N7. Primary routes into/around Dublin city and nobody thought to have extra lanes for a country/city experiencing huge growth ??? How long ago was the M50 “completed”?The fact that “super” trucks can’t use the tunnel is also a complete disgrace!

Have ye travelled the main roads from Cork – Limerick – Galway recently. I do regularly and in some parts you are lucky if there are two lanes never mind a slow lane. And this between the 2nd/3rd and 4th largest towns in what we are told is one of the richest countries in Europe.
To get a train from Cork or Limerick to Galway you have to go do Dublin first and then get a train to Galway.

And yet money is being pissed away on every large project that has taken place in Dublin in the last few years!

I am all for developing the capital city and this is not an East/West argument but we need balanced infrastructural devlopment and so far it is most certainly unbalanced. So this kind of crap from “the Denouncer” is a load of horse do do!

“Sick of the “Typical Irish” bad-mouthing by people with itchy fingers and a lack of imagination”

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