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with respect to the other projects mentioned it is difficult to defend the government. But with respect to the tunnel things are going remarkably well.

Almost every tunnel ever built has taken longer than expected to build . That is because each one is completely unique and requires a totally new indivual approach to every aspect of it’s design. The wikipedia article (which may be acurrate) points out that there are in fact several different tunnels built which links up .

Secondly every ,every single tunnel leaks and is meant to . The idea that they are going over the entire tunnel checking every crack should reasure not alarm.

Tunnels can continue to crack for their whole lifetime , requiring continual repair.

fourthly the fire brigade have never had to manage such a ‘building’ , it would not surprise me if they required more time than expected to train. They are afterall using completely new equipment.

This is no mickey mouse tunnel , it is considerable larger than say the big dig in boston.

regarding cost. well the is no way to accurately cost the tunnel without building it, because you simply cannot foresee all the problems.

In typicall irish form , all the negativity will disappear the day it opens.

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