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@Thomond Park wrote:

Chavez is a thug with a private militia whose double standards would have made Nixon look like an honourable man. His subversion of the Bolivian and Equadorian elections has set both democracies back a decade and he is despised by more moderate but proven socialists such as Michelle Bachelet of Chile and the recently election Alan Garcia whose election to Peru he attempted to subvert.

Relying on lunatics like this is exactly why this country needs to create some hold over its own energy supply.

I agree completely that we should do our utmost to achieve ‘energy independence’…..

However without going to far off-topic I think your description of Chavez making “Nixon look like an honourable man” is bizarre and daft. Michelle Bachelet and Alan Garcia remain to be proven. Afaik, the only lunacy we currently depend on for oil is one which primarily relies on US foreign policy ….

Come off it TP, youve been spending too much time with that waffler Eoin Harrass, or got too much sun this weekend! :p 😀

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