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@a boyle wrote:

It also fails to point out that the current high price of oil is almost entirely the results of three recent political events .

The election of “hug the state, screw the companies” chavez, the iraq war , and “i want, i want, i want, i want nukes” ahmadinejad “i want nukes if you didn’t know”

It is perverse , but President Bush has done more for the environment in toto than anyone else in living memory.

Pardon my ignorance, A B, but wheres “toto”? :confused:X2

Re Chavez – oil price quadrupled post Sept 11, and with Iraq. The initial election of chavez did not substantilally effect the price, however his re-election was much aided by rocketing oil prices post Iraq – something that has led to their gdp growth rates being 16-17%.

It is an irony, but had the US not invaded Iraq and had oil remained around 34 – 38 bucks per barrel, Chavez probably would not look so great – and perhaps other south american voters wouldnt hold him up as the poster boy that he has become 😉

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