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@henno wrote:

Jackscout, what specifically are they charging for??

Has anyone ever refused to pay it?

Water, sewage, roads, community ,… the usual development contributions.

No one has ever refused to pay it, maybe now that there is a slowdown in housing people might actually look things like this and pursue the matter.

@henno wrote:

i also have a theory re pre-planning meetings.
I have seen council officals being very positive towards development in preplanning meeting only for the development to be blown out of the water at decision. Leaving a very peed-off developer (who usually vents anger towards architect!)…. in my opinion the council want as much applications as possible to generate revenue, even to the point of being dishonest in preplanning meetings.

I would agree with the above too, pre-planning meetings can be a waste of time, although you often learn more about what’s proposed for the adjoining site, rather than gaining useful feedback for the site subject to the pre-planning meeting.

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