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@henno wrote:

and what development charges do they try to recoup jackscout???

water supply, already paid, roads already paid, amenity, already paid, fould discharge, already paid…… i cannot see how development charges become a reason for this condition… not in my local LA’s anyway…

in my opinion the only reason for this condition is to ensure the orderly development of the scheme, especially in high density schemes that have minimum rear amenity spaces….

i know youre cynical, i am most of the time, but this particular issue i wouldnt agree….

I had it from the horses month when I queried it with one Planning Authority, typically the additional development charges comes to approximately €1000, with this particular Planning Authority, for approximately 15 sq.m of an extension (typically a sun room) which isn’t much but when you have 50 different extensions it starts to add up, along with the cost of making the individual planning applications etc. The developer is happy to pay it as it is factored into the cost of the extension. Unfortunately nobody is willing to wait long enough for the condition to be appealed and adjudicated on by An Bord Pleanála.

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