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With all this development inside the private plots, what is happing with public realm? Is it all still broad suburban roads or has there been any attempt to make streets? Is there any core or any kind of plan to make this into a ‘place’? That’s more what I mean.

All over Dublin (and the other cities I imagine) dramatic densification is taking place entirely within existing property boundaries. Outside of these the only people doing any designing appear to be road engineers. Galloping Green and the stretch between Dundrum shopping centre and the M50 are other examples. When you are on the road you are surrounded by blank high walls with apartments behind them. What do these places mean? What will they be like in 50 years time?

I think it is just Dun Laoghaire Rathdown (or whoever) leading from the rear again.

I remember about 9, 10 years ago attending a one day conference run by the RIAI at which DLRcoco planners presented their plans for Stepaside. This, they said, will be different. I am paraphrasing now, but the general gist was that there would be no more of the incoherent suburban enclaves blanketed with noddy houses. This would be new and sustainable. I, being naive or possibly just thick, believed them. Well, imagine my surprise passing same Stepaside recently! I don’t know whether it was the abritrarily winding streets and culs-de-sac, the cheap and nasty apartment buildings with bolt-on balconies set to fall off already, or perhaps it was just the memory of the green fields and hedgerows which used to be there, but talk about a bloody let down! How did they manage to take a huge tract of fine agricultural land and manage to cover it with the worst kind of low-density, virtually car-dependent, placeless development? Talk about missing opportunities.

I am sure it’s all different now.

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