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Another little snippet from the CTC minutes
“She advised the members that as a result of the various measures in the Budget she was proposing that the increase in the Rateable Valuation Multiplier would be 4%. She stated that the proposed Rate of 67.11 was substantially lower than the rate of 71.30 adopted by Cork County Council”

And what do businesses get in return.. parking fines… they might as well close down the town to businesses as I cannot for the life of me see any incentive to have one there.. meanwhile the extra 47k they got from local govn goes to pay for legal costs for their cock ups…
We hear again and again the town is dying..with people shopping etc. outside more and more…. so what do they do up the rates and make it even harder for businesses there…..

Have they ever heard of don’t bite off the hand that feeds you…..

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