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@Eirl wrote:

I came here to seek information on the statement by Mr. Roche . However I am rather taken aback at the language ,seemingly accepted ,in the forum. Perhaps it is an isolated incident ,will be deleted and the discussion continue in a more adult manner.

More than acceptable to me as an honest reaction to news that Mr. Roche sees it fit that another 2800 homes
will be built in Cobh.
Many posts in past have highlighted the various sprawls we have on the island so far, some good, some bad
but with them little sight of the associated infrastructure requirements to cope with extra population.
One hopes this will get better but must say I too was shocked to general plans for another 2800 houses…

This should a forum for open and frank, discussion and reaction to whats going on around us and I do hope you might help this discussion with posts of your own on snippets you glean from your daily life.

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